In 2013 Rogue celebrated their 25th anniversary, making them ancient by the standards of American craft brewing. For most of their 25 years the famous John Maier has been brewing for them, making beers he likes to call "palate bruisers".


There are several qualities that make Rogue unusual:-

• They maintain an unusually broad range of different beers, many of them year-round, that they're constantly changing.

• They use a variety of different types of packaging, from silk-screened bottles, painted bottles and ceramic bottles through to 5L cans for different beers.

• They have their own farms producing crops as diverse as hops, barley, pumpkins and honey to use in their beers.

• Their branding is interesting - confusing even - and could be (and has been) a subject of academic study.


Hashigo Zake and Beer Without Borders have been importing Rogue beer to New Zealand since 2009.


In 2013 we became the first international customer to be allowed to import the Voodoo Doughnut beers, made in collaboration with the Voodoo Doughnut chain in Portland.